You Might Be a Vet Tech If/When…

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Happy Vet Tech Week! This week saw the annual occurrence where we appreciate the work that these crucial members bring to the fore.

We posted a contest on Facebook and received an overwhelming response! Our way of giving thanks in addition to announcing the winner is to post some of our favorite comments that we received in response to our post…

Thank you, and read on to discover that you might be a vet tech if/when…

Veterinarian figurine, You Might Be a Vet Tech If/When… - I Love Veterinary

…” you can shamelessly baby talk all of your patients…”

…” you get excited over purchasing new scrubs for work, especially if they have extra pockets…”

…” you have scratches and bruises, but aren’t exactly sure where they came from…”

…” you go to take a patient’s temperature, and the owner says ‘mommy does not like that either’…”

…” the word polydactyl makes your heart melt…”

…” you have random syringes all over your house because you forgot to empty your pockets at the end of the day…”

…” you forget to shake the surgery towels before throwing them in the wash, only later to find a testicle in the dryer…”

…” you used dog shampoo to wash diarrhea from your hair…”

…” your back is effed by 30…”

…” pets won’t leave you alone when you get home from work because they smell every pet you’ve handled…” 

…” you get ‘deposits’ for fecals brought in a yogurt/butter container…”

…” your perfume is actually pet deodorant/butt spray…” 

Vet techs administrating ear drops to dog, You Might Be a Vet Tech If_When… - I Love Veterinary

…” you feel undercover when you go to the pet store...”

…” you find nail trimmings in your bra when you get home…”

…” you eat lunch with a tongue depressor…” 

…” your pets have better clothing than you do…”

…” a client asks you how to get her dog to stop smelling her privates…” 

…” when you fight over cleaning an abscess…”

…” your four-year-old puts tourniquets on her stuffed animals and pretends to put in IV catheters…”

…” you can talk about poop and eat lunch at the same time…” 

…” you’re doing anal glands, and it hits the ceiling…”

…” you’ve ever said you have to make your (human) children a vet appointment…”

…” you rub soft kitty toe beans and can see the teddy bear hidden there…”

…” one of the first things you notice on a dog is their saphenous vein and how nice a blood draw would be from it…”

Vet tech strokes dog, You Might Be a Vet Tech If_When… - I Love Veterinary

…” you wrap your sandwiches like a surgery pack…”

…” you stay with a pet that isn’t yours just to ensure they have someone to comfort them through their euthanasia…”

…” you drink your iced coffee with a red rubber…”

…” you’re handling multiple cases in the ICU, navigating through tx plans, gathering meds for 8x outpatients, answering the phone, checking people out, eating on the run, and oh yeah, prepping the OR for the GDV that just walked in…”

…” you have two thermometers at your house, one labeled dogs and one labeled human…”

The final bark

For more on National Vet Tech Appreciation week, read our in-depth article here. Lastly, to each and every Vet Tech out there; You are doing a vital job that is sometimes thankless. However, we see YOU…just keep keeping on and doing your thing!

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