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Yulin Festival: A Crime Against Pet Dogs & Cats – Video by Dr. Evan Antin

This video is intended to share the horrible ways dogs, cats and other animals used for food production are treated in other parts of the world. The truth is it comes down to cultural differences. The people that capture and slaughter dogs and cats in certain parts of Asia are not cruel or evil, they’re just extremely different from us. …

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Rabbit Spay, 4-Month-Old – Video by Vet Surgery Channel

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Aural Hematoma Dog – Video by Vet Surgery Channel

An aural hematoma (ear hematoma) is a collection of blood between the skin and the cartilage of an animal’s ear. Usually, it is caused by scratching of the ear that is too aggressive or a head shake. Both dogs and cats can suffer from ear hematomas, but dogs are more prone. Treatment for ear hematomas can vary depending on the severity, from …