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National Lost Pet Prevention Month – July 2019

The month of July is celebrated as National Lost Pet Prevention Month as we get more and more concerned that a pet gets lost every 2 seconds in the United States. This is very concerning information because only 1 in every 10 cases of lost pets will get reunited with its family.

This awareness month was brought by Pet Hub Inc in order to try to prevent pets from getting separated from their families every day. What can we do to prevent our pets from getting lost?

Train your dog to never leave your site

Obedience training is very important from a small age if you want to have a casual relationship with your dog and walk in the park without a leash. Train your dog to always return on voice command. This is of course very important for its physical health, roaming dogs can get hit by a car or attacked by another dog.

Keep them on a leash

Of course, if your dog is more aloof and likes to run around then keeping the leash on their collar is a must. Unless you are in a secure, fenced area where you can unleash your dog, keep them secured by your side. Don’t forget that dogs are animals and no matter how hard we train them they can always run away to chase a squirrel or a stray cat.

two dogs on a leash

Microchipping your pet

No matter if you have a dog or a cat, get them microchipped. It’s a big needle but its sharp enough for a painless procedure. And also do not forget to register the microchip with your information because many lost pets that are brought into veterinary clinics are microchipped with chips with no info on them.

ID collar tags

Get your pet a modern collar tag with their name and your phone number. This is the easiest way to get reunited if a good samaritan finds your dog or a cat wondering around.

Black labrador with ID collar tag


Learn more about microchips, read “Microchipping your pet” on our blog.

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