What are Dog DNA Tests?

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If you have a rescue dog, you may have lots of questions about your dog’s background. If you want to understand and build a positive connection with your pooch, a DNA test may be the answer for you. 

We reviewed some of the best dog DNA kits in the market, but before we dive in, we are answering all your questions about them. 

What are Dog DNA Tests?

DNA tests for dogs are similar to human DNA tests. They trace your dog’s ancestry, but they also help you to understand more about your pet’s breed, unique traits, behaviours and potential conditions that can affect your canine friend in the future. 

What does a Dog DNA Kit Include?

All the kits include:

  • A cheek swabbing equipment.
  • Instructions on how to collect the DNA sample and what to expect.
  • Return envelope.

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How does Dog DNA Testing Work?

First of all, start by collecting the DNA sample, which in this case, is your dog’s saliva. You can obtain it in the comfort of your home by mopping your dog’s cheek for one minute or less with the collection tool. Then the sample needs to be securely sealed and sent to the lab for study.

When the sample arrives at the company lab, professionals analyse the genetic information that is present in your pet’s DNA (genome) and compares it to every breed on their database. The process can take up to four weeks, depending on the company. 

Do you have to take any Precautions when taking your Dog’s DNA sample?

Yes, the following video shows how to properly collect your pet’s saliva to ensure the best results: 

To recap:

  • Your dog should not eat or drink for 30 minutes before taking the sample, and the swab must touch the animal’s mouth ONLY. This is to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Restrain your dog if needed. 
  • Do not spill or drop the liquid inside the collection tube. 
  • During the collection, make sure not to let your dog chew or bite the swab. 

Why is it important to do a DNA test on your dog?

As a dog owner, it’s essential to have a better understanding of their genetics, health and behaviour so you can provide your pet with everything they need to live their best life. 

Should you give the results of your Dog DNA Test to anyone?

It is up to you, but you should share your results with everyone involved in the well being of your best friend: 

  • Your veterinarian, so you can work together to develop a plan of action. With DNA tests you can prevent possible genetic health problems. 
  • Your dog trainers, as the results will help them to learn more about your doggo’s behaviour and determine the training methods.
  • Your pet sitters and groomers because they can understand more about the breed of your dog and keep an eye for any abnormalities. 

Your beloved pet will thank you for it! 

A guide to the most popular DNA tests 

1.DNA My Dog-Canine Breed Identification Test Kit 


  • If you are looking for fast results, this might be an option for you. The results take two weeks to arrive in your email. 
  • They include a custom photo certificate of your dog’s breed along with the report.
  • Affordable.


  • Be aware that they have 96 breeds on their database.
  • Health screening not included in this particular test.

2.Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test 


  • If a big database is crucial for you, this option may be the best one. Wisdom Panel has 350+ breeds in its database. 
  • Drug sensitivity (MDR1) screening, which can help to draft a plan with your veterinarian for surgeries and medications. 
  • Affordable.


  • This specific test does not include genetic health screening.

3.Embark Breed Identification Kit


  • If you are looking for 99.99% accuracy, this test will be a great choice.
  • Wolf test included.
  • Interactive online portal.
  • Canine relative finder.
  • Veterinary support to interpret the results.


  • Expensive.
  • Health screening is not included in this test.
  • Four week turnaround time.

4.Embark Breed + Health Kit


  • Same as the Embark Breed Identification Kit.
  • Health screening. 175 genetic health conditions and 20 traits.


  • Expensive.
  • Four week turnaround time.

To summarize

A saliva sample and a team of skilled scientists help you comprehend more about your furry friend and prevent health issues. Make sure to take precautions and share results with your vets and pet professionals.

And our favorites are…

After reviewing and doing in-depth research, we chose EMBARKVET PRODUCTS as the winner! Accuracy is the most important aspect to us, and we love their canine relative finder and veterinary support. 
Save 10% when you buy 2 kits, save 15% on 3 kits, and 20% off 4+ kits! With Code MULTIPACK ! Not valid on Breeder kits.
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