World Pet Memorial Day

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Do you have a dog or pet that has passed away? If so, please take a few moments to honor their memory by creating a World Pet Memorial Day post and share it with your friends.
World Pet Memorial Day is a day to remember our beloved pets and their passing. It’s an annual day of remembrance observed by pet lovers all over the world.

When is World Pet Memorial Day?

World Pet Memorial Day is observed on the second Tuesday in June (June 13th 2023).

How to Observe World Pet Memorial Day?

We encourage all pet lovers to create a memorial day post and share it with their friends on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @iloveveterinary and #iloveveterinary and we will share your posts on our social media profiles. You can write the following or anything that comes from your heart:

  • The type of animal they were
  • What your pets name was
  • and what made them special to you.

Another way to remember your pet is to create a framed poster with their photo and their pawprints! We thought of that and created this perfect bundle: Poster, Frame, and Ink Pad for making the pawprints at home.

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One more idea to remember your pet is to create a custom Necklace or a Keychain with their photo.

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Why is it important to remember your pet?

For many people, their pets are their children. They are there for us when we’re sick, comfort us when we’re sad, and stand by us when we’ve done something wrong. We will always be grateful for everything our pets have done for us.

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