7 Best Dog Nail Grinders

Read this article now about the Best Dog Nail Grinder or two on the market!

We all know the sound of dog nails clicking on the floor as they run towards us. For some owners, this is a welcome and beloved sound, but it also means the nails are getting too long. It’s time for a nail trim, and we all know that clipping a dog’s nails is often nowhere near as easy as it sounds. 

Luckily there is now an easier way to trim your dog’s nails. Instead of using a traditional nail clipper, more owners, groomers, and vets turn to pet nail grinders. These are small machines that wear the nails down instead of clipping them, often causing the trimming to be a much calmer experience for you and your dog.

dog nails close up

The Advantages of a Dog Nail Grinder

Some of the benefits of a pet nail grinder include: 

  • No pressure: Less pressure on the nails will make for a calmer dog, as it is often the feel of the clipper around the nails that cause a reaction from your puppy rather than the cut itself. 
  • No sharp edges: As the nails are being ground down, there are no sharp edges that can scratch afterward. 
  • There are no splits: Traditional clippers can cause the nail to break, but when using a pet nail grinder, the risk of this is reduced to almost nothing. 
  • Perfect for big dogs: Some dogs have nails too thick to cut with traditional clippers. Here a pet nail grinder is an ideal addition to the household! 

Reviewing The Best Online Dog Nail Grinders

Casifor Dog Nail Grinder and Clippers 

This useful pet nail grinder comes with a diamond bit grinder, which provides fast and precise trimming of your pet’s nails. 

The trimmer is cordless, making it much easier to navigate around your pet! Also, with a 10-hour working time when fully charged, you should be able to trim quite a few sets of nails on even the most stubborn dog before it runs out of battery. 

It has step-less speed regulation, meaning you can adjust the speed to your specific need for your pet and more safely trim the nails. 

This pet nail grinder also has a powerful but quiet motor, with controlled torque to 40dB, so your sound-sensitive dog doesn’t get scared of it. 

You can use it on small, medium, and large pets with different-sized nails. 

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded 

This pet nail grinder is safe, effective, and precise. Also, with a diamond drum bit grinder, it can painlessly and precisely trim your dog’s nails. This electric pet nail grinder used a robust motor and whisper-quiet technology to avoid the sound’s fear to keep your dog calm and get the nail grinding over faster and more controlled. 

This pet nail grinder is also cordless and rechargeable, with a battery that lasts two hours. 

With three ports, you can use it for small, medium, and large dogs. 

Dremel 7300-PT 4.7V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming Tool 

This lightweight cordless rotary tool has a grinder and offers a safe, effective and stressless way of trimming your dog’s nails. It comes with variable speeds to control the 60-grit sanding drum on top of the high-density plastic clipper and is designed to be harmless while grinding your dog’s nails.  

This pet nail grinder charges in a port and will last you for three hours when fully charged. 

As the sanding drum is on top, it can be used for any sized dog and may even help cats with a tendency to turn their couch into shreds! 

Razoo Dog Nail Grinder 

This nail grinder recently got an upgrade with a quality motor, but with torque still controlled to 40dB. It comes with two different rotations speed, which you pick based on your pet’s nails’ hardness, but with its strong motor, it can trim even the most giant dog nails – it can even polish metal! 

This pet nail grinder also uses a diamond pit grinder and will last you for five hours after only one and a half-hour charge with a USB-charging cable. 

Rexipets Dog Nail Grinder 

This cordless nail clipper has a diamond bit grinder and allows your control and precision when trimming your dog’s nails. It also comes with the cleverly designed LED light right below the grinder, making it easier for you to avoid over-grinding the nails on even the darkest dogs. 

It has two speeds and three different sized ports, meaning it helps any size of dog. 

It is charged with a USB cable and can be used with any computer, power bank, or even a USB adapter and will last you for four hours when fully charged. 

Invenho Pet Nail Grinder 

This pet nail grinder has a diamond bit grinder that will never need replacing! It is precise, with a very low vibration design, and makes almost no noise when trimming your dog’s nails—making your dog feel a lot more at ease when having their nails trimmed. A benefit of this one is that you can remove the piece over the cone for easy cleaning. 

It is rechargeable, and the package includes a USB wire for convenient charging anywhere.  

Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer 

This pet nail grinder is easy to use and provides a safe and gentle alternative to traditional nail clippers. This clever machine has a nine-piece grooming accessory set for multiple nail grinding options – and the EZ twist nose cap makes it easy to change the supplement at any time. 

It also comes with a 45-degree nail guard that guides you to the optimum trimming angle and reduces the risk of clipping the claws too short or hurting your dog – and four-speed settings will allow you a lot of flexibility when trimming the nails. 

It is lightweight and cordless, with a soft grip material making it comfortable to hold for hours – and a battery indicator light will let you know whenever it is time to put it back to charge. 

With the different accessories, you can use them for any size dog or cat! 

How to Use the Dremel 7300 Dog Nail Grinder

Before starting, the best way to ensure you and your dog have a comfortable experience when trimming the nails is to get your puppy used to it from they are very young. But don’t panic if you’ve never introduced your dog to a nail grinder before. Take it slow and use lots of praise and treats, and most dogs will learn to at least accept having their nail trimmed soon! 

So how do you use the Dremel? 

  • First, put your dog on a raised platform to make it easier for yourself to reach. This could be a grooming table, but a couch or table will do if you don’t have one of those. Or you could do it on the floor, be careful not to hurt your back then. 
  • Turn on the Dremel so the dog gets used to the sound and give the dog some treats
  • The next step is to touch the dog with the Dremel to get used to the vibrations – with more treats. 

Then you can start grinding the nails – slowly…

  • Sit next to your dog. Note: Do not do this with dogs you don’t know well as your face is very close to their teeth. 
  • Take ahold of their paw and lift it. 
  • Push back the hair on the paw. 
  • Place the grinding diamond bit on the tip of the nail. 
  • Slowly grind it down to the desired length. 
  • Round the tip using the Dremel. 

Go through the steps with all four legs, and soon you’ll have no more clicking all around the house! 

So, What is the Best Dog Nail Grinder?

Many of the pet nail grinders are pretty similar in their overall design and usefulness. Still, we think that the Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer is the best dog nail grinder on our list today for several reasons: 

  • It is easy to use for even people completely new to the pet nail grinder. 
  • It comes with a lot of different options. 
  • It comes with four different speed settings, suitable for all your nail grinding needs. 
  • It comes with a safeguard cap. 

In the end, most dogs will probably never love having their nails trimmed, but with one of the above-mentioned pet nail grinders, it should definitely be a lot easier for you and a lot less scary for your furry friend!