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Are you wondering how to write a good veterinary resume? Look no further than our article and this video by Dr. Natalia Strokowska.

So you are a top-dog in the veterinary world? Then you need to ensure that you have a top-rated cv to back up your duties, skills and to showcase all of your talents in caring for animals.

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Critical Information to Add on Your Veterinary Resume

There is some critical information that a prospective employer will look for in your cv. Some of this includes:

Contact Information

Key information for this section is:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number and
  • Email Address

The practice that you are interviewing with should be able to reach you easily, or might move onto another applicant.


By already adding your short-term and long-term goals for your veterinary medicine career, you these stiff types of questions in the interview process.

When do you include this section, make sure that you are as detailed and concise as possible on this section, it is critical in determining if you are a fit for the practice and visa versa.

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Educational background

  • Detail the location and names of all the educational institutions you enrolled in. Ensure that this is done in reverse chronological order.
  • Add all the degrees that you obtained or the anticipated date of completion or graduation.
  • Major, minor, concentration.
  • Add the relevant honors to this section, but not other awards such as the Dean’s list.
  • Include details of any dissertations or theses that you completed as part of your Masters or Ph.D.
  • Do not add GPA information to this section.


  • In reverse chronological order, present your experiences relevant to the position you are applying for. 
  • List all of your experience that is relevant to the positions you are applying for. Include:
  • Name of organizations/practices where you worked.
  • The working title/s you held at each establishment.
  • The location of your previous emplouersLocation of practice (add the city, state/region/province, and country if not in the same country of your citizenship).
  • Dates of employment when you commenced work and then also the dates you ended your employment at each establishment.
  • Responsibilities for each position. List your duties, accomplishments, and skills.
  • Veterinary resumes normally have different types of combinations from the following sections:
    • General Animal and Veterinary experience
    • Equine-related experience
    • Farm Animal experience
    • Aquatic-related experience
    • Zoo and Wildlife experience
    • Research-related experience
    • Any Teaching experience
    • Volunteer and Community Outreach experience
    • Pro-Bono working experience
    • Other work experience (must be related to veterinary medicine)

Awards and honors

This section is dedicated to listing any prior awards and honors you may have received relating to the animal or veterinarian fields.

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Professional affiliates and leadership qualities

List any professional memberships and affiliates that you are subscribed to and showcase your strong leadership abilities.

Extramural activities

Your prospective employer is curious to know what you do in your (little) down time that you have.

Certifications and special skills

Here you will list all your certifications and ancillary skills that might be of use to you in your future career endevors.

Technology skills

List all your computer and software related skills that you have obtained.

Online Veterinary Resume Builders

So writing is not your strong suit? Of course not! You work with animals, not with words! Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here is one online veterinary resume builder that you can use:


Veterinary Recruiters

There are many different types of recruiters in the world. Naturally, your aim is to sign up for alters and notifications of recruiters that specialize in the veterinary field such as the Vet Recruiter.

This is an excellent platform to apply for vet-related job vacancies.

female vet examining dog with stethoscope

Veterinary Resume Templates

Some websites also have great free veterinary resume templates that you can use such as:

Resume Resource



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Watch the video below for more info!

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