National Walk Your Dog Week – 1-7 October

What is National Walk Your Dog Week All About?

It became a tradition the first week of October to be designated to remind us about the benefits our dogs bring to us. National Walk Your Dog Week and it’s here to show us the joys of outdoor exercise with our fluffy pooch.

national walk your dog week

Many pet owners think that dogs need just a walk around the building or a quick run in the yard to finish their business. Dogs need a lot of exercises and with that, a lot of mental stimulation comes with smelling the flowers, meeting other dogs, ball games, and throwing sticks.

Every year, communities across the country celebrate National Walk your dog week to remember the importance for people and their pets to enjoy time together. There are many events all over the country where you can participate in a walk or fun family activities.

Walk your dogs off-leash and through a course of obstacles, run through water, or roll in the mud.  Participate in competitions led by professionals, and enjoy other outdoor activities including ball throwing, frisbee catching, and searching for buried treasure.

The History of National Walk Your Dog Week

National Walk Your Dog Week began in 1982 as a grassroots effort to promote the joy of walking animals and to demonstrate concern for those who walk them. The National Walking Federation now sponsors the event.

Cities and non-profit organizations sponsor events on this week-long holiday of walking with your best friend to help raise money for local animal shelters and care facilities.

How to Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week

Regular exercise and running are not just beneficial for mental health but for physical too. Many pets in the world that are underexercised are overweight. Pet obesity is a very serious thing that can lead to many health problems.

Veterinary specialists advise that you should walk your dog at least twice a day for a minimum of 15 minutes. We recommend at least three walks a day. Walks can be fun, they don’t have to be just a walk around the block for your dog to relieve itself, you can make a party out of every walk.

We know that not always is that possible, sometimes is raining, and sometimes the weather is too hot. But you can try to make one of the walks to be longer than 15 minutes and have fun with your dog. Go to the park, throw a ball, chase each other, your dog will be thankful.

man throwing a ball to his dog

The benefits of walking your dog are not just beneficial for your dog, you will feel immediate health benefits yourself. Regular daily walks are good for your health too, they stimulate your metabolism and promote the release of happy hormones.

Can your partner get up with the dog in the middle of the night? Is your dog constantly begging for food or attention while you’re trying to work, or ignoring you when you need to train him? Does he jump on people, bark too much, or just generally act like a nuisance?

It’s time to take back control of your life and start walking your dog. Walking can be great for both of you! Here are some reasons why walking is beneficial:

  • It gives him more exercise.
  • You can train him with positive reinforcement.
  • It helps build exercise into your busy lifestyle
  • You bond with your dog.

How do I walk my dog? How long should we walk? Be sure to consult your veterinarian and follow his instructions, but here are some general guidelines: Give your dog daily exercise no matter what the season. If it’s cold, you may want to head out for a cold hike or take a short walk.

Local communities host events at parks, on roads, and in other open spaces in their neighborhoods. Events are not just for dogs, though. Families with children often celebrate Walk your dog week together. 

Do some personal research in your community to find out if there is a national walk your dog day happening. There is no need for you to organize anything in your community.

Just have fun with people and dogs everywhere!

So go, have fun with your dog! It’s National Walk Your Dog Week!

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