A large animal vet is a veterinary professional that works with livestock species such as cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and pigs. Large animal vets can work in a clinic setting, travel to different sites, or a combination of each! The tasks of a large animal vet can vary from one professional to another.

There are several different career paths to choose from in the veterinary field. If you make the decision to enter large animal medicine, you are among some of the hardest and dedicated workers out there! Large animal medicine tests your strength, knowledge, and your passion daily. Many people don’t know the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in large animal medicine. No matter how tough it can get, you have to make sure to laugh at the hairy situations you may face from day to day!

Large animal medicine brings with it some challenging, yet hilarious situations. You might be a large animal vet if you’ve ever experienced any of these scenarios!

You know you're a large animal vet when


  • You’d rather float a horse’s teeth than trim a pug’s nails.
  • You’ve thrown away an entire set of clothes after work.
  • You wash your hands BEFORE going to the restroom.
  • You have unidentified bruises everywhere.
  • When you say “WHOA” to a small animal.
  • When you find hay in your clothes after work.
  • You have poop stains all the way up to your armpit.

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