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The Curiosity of Pet Owners 

Pet owners seem to have more curious minds than the average person regarding their furry friends. As a result, many owners have pet questions about the actions of their pets, and they go to mediums like the internet for answers.

Pet owners may not always get the answers they want, but it is essential to remember that a simple Google search can answer many pet questions about health. To read more about some of the most popular animal questions asked, here are answers to some common questions pet owners have. 

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Pet Questions and Answers

What Is Dippity Pig Syndrome in Pigs? (Erythema Multiforme)

The condition is a skin disease that affects pigs and causes them to develop lesions on their skin. It’s also known as Erythema Multiforme (EM) in swine, an inflammatory reaction of the skin. This can be caused by several different factors, such as infections, allergies, or exposure to sunlight.

If you own pigs and want to learn more about this condition, then read our blog post! We discuss how it occurs and its symptoms so that you can keep your animals healthy and happy. You might even find out some interesting facts about pigs along the way!

How to Cool a Dog Down in Hot Weather

Dogs can’t sweat, so it’s essential to keep them cool when the weather is hot.  Make sure that there is always fresh water available for your dog, as well as other cooling strategies such as bringing them indoors or using ice cubes if you’re outside with them.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Our blog post titled “Why Do Dogs Bark?” discusses the many reasons why dogs bark and how you can better communicate with them. They include anxiety, fear, excitement, loneliness, or boredom. 

By understanding your dog’s barking habits, it may be easier to alleviate their stress levels by providing enough exercise time outside of the home and mental enrichment through dog puzzle toys or other games that keep their minds occupied.

Why You Should Adopt Your Next Pet

If you are thinking about adopting your next pet, it’s essential to consider the best type of animal for you. Pets can provide companionship for people who live alone or don’t have family nearby. They also offer unconditional love and support to their owners when they need it most.

Health benefits of owning a pet:

  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Reduces stress levels. 
  • Strengthens our immune system.

Why Do Dogs Lick Feet and Chew Their Paws?

Dogs lick their feet and chew on their paws for many reasons, including to clean themselves. The dog’s saliva contains enzymes that digest dead skin cells and bacteria and fungi found in their footpads. 

This is why it may be seen as a natural form of grooming behavior for your pet! Other possible causes include anxiety or boredom from being inside too much, pain and discomfort, or allergies.

poodle licking paw I Love Veterinary - Blog for Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Students

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs may eat grass to help with digestion, but many experts believe they also do it for the taste. Grass contains a lot of fiber and is high in nutrients like calcium and potassium. 

Some dogs might be drawn to eating grass because their stomachs are empty or feeling sick. But, unfortunately, this can cause them to vomit what’s inside, including grass and other things that shouldn’t have been eaten! 

If your dog has an upset stomach, you should contact your vet right away before giving it any more food (or anything at all!) until he recovers from his illness.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones?

We all love our dogs, and we want the best for them. But if you have a dog with a strong chewing habit or one that likes to eat things it shouldn’t, keep chicken bones away from your pet! 

The dangers of leaving bone fragments in your pup’s stomach are too great because they can cause choking or sharp cuts to vital organs. It can also cause blockage of the intestines, which is a severe medical emergency. 

Make sure your dog doesn’t have access to chicken bones to stay healthy and safe!

Are Succulents Poisonous to Cats?

Succulents can make excellent indoor plants because they require minimal care–something any busy pet parent needs! They also have an air-purifying quality, making them perfect for creating a healthy environment in your home while providing hours of entertainment for both you and your feline friend.

However, some succulents contain toxins that can be harmful to cats if they ingest the plant itself. Therefore, if you would like to have succulent plants in your home, we recommend that you place them up high or in areas where your cat cannot get to them.

How Hot Is Too Hot for a Dog’s Paws?

The heat in the summer is not just uncomfortable for humans; it’s downright dangerous for our pets. For example, a dog’s paws can get burned when they come into contact with hot surfaces like pavements or sidewalks that are too warm to walk on comfortably. 

To protect your furry friend from developing painful blisters and potentially life-threatening burns, 

follow these simple paw protection tips during the warmer months of the year:

  • Use a doggy cooling mat if you’re going to be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Keep their feet dry by wiping them off after walks.
  • If possible, keep them inside an air-conditioned house or building until temperatures cool down again.
  • Try out some protective booties! These will help insulate their feet from hot surfaces.

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat?

It is essential to understand the basics of a cat’s reproductive cycle if you consider adopting one. For example, cats typically stay in heat for about 4-7 days, but some cats can experience longer cycles that last up to 10 days. 

When females go into ‘heat’ or estrus (the period during which she is receptive to mating), they will typically show signs of the following behavior patterns:

  • The cat will usually yowl or call more frequently than usual.
  • She may come by the house and rub up against furniture, the legs of your dining room table, or other objects in an attempt to leave her scent.
  • She may become more irritable, with a decreased appetite and a tendency toward nervousness.

During the heat cycle, a female cat can become pregnant. If you don’t want your cat to get pregnant, consider getting them spayed when they are done going into heat.

Why Is My Cat Coughing?

There are many different reasons for a cat to cough, including asthma or heart disease, which can be challenging to diagnose without proper veterinary care. 

At times, it may just be a sign that your pet needs more attention from you, such as feeding them better quality wet cat food, or consider moving over to a hypoallergenic cat food brand and ensuring they have plenty of water at all times.

What Is Laser Therapy for Dogs and What are the Benefits?

Laser therapy for dogs is a form of alternative medicine that involves aiming low-level, nonthermal lasers at specific points on the dog’s body to stimulate cells. 

Laser therapy in dogs is used to promote healing for the following medical conditions;

  • Arthritis.
  • Surgical and traumatic wound healing.
  • Muscle and joint pain.
  • Scar tissue.
  • Nerve function.
  • Back pain.
  • Infections.

What is Pyometra?

Pyometra is a severe condition in female dogs and cats that develops when the uterus becomes infected with bacteria, typically after an unspayed cycle. The infection causes pus to form inside the uterus, and it often does not respond well to antibiotics or other treatments. 

The uterus swells quickly, and pus accumulates between the uterus and the uterine wall. As a result, the dog will show signs of extreme pain, discomfort, lethargy, depression, lack of appetite, vomiting, excessive thirst, and increased urination. 

This condition can be life-threatening, so it is imperative to monitor your pet’s health if they show any signs or symptoms associated with pyometra.

Is Autism in Dogs Becoming a Thing?

In recent years, there has been an increased awareness about the prevalence of autism in children. However, now it seems as though this disorder is being detected more and more frequently in dogs.

Vaccination in dogs is now being blamed for the rise in autism cases in dogs. The evidence is strong that vaccines to prevent canine diseases have increased dogs’ autoimmune disorders and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

However, the reality is that your pup needs vaccinations to prevent such conditions as autism and other infectious diseases like kennel cough, canine hepatitis, parvovirus, and more.

How Old Is My Dog In Human Years?

Dog’s age is seven times faster than humans in general and doubles in size every year until they reach adulthood at about two years old. 

But some breeds grow even more quickly! In the first year, a small dog will age more like 15 years old, and large breeds seem to be aging as fast as 21 human years. After your dog reaches its first birthday, it is considered to be 1-7 years old. 

After that, you can double the dog’s age at the end of each year. So a 2-year-old dog is 4 in human years, a 3-year-old dog is 8, and so on until it hits 14, at which point dogs are considered to be about 70 years old.

Can Dogs Eat……?

Dogs are omnivores, meaning they can survive off of both meat and vegetables. There are many dog foods available on the market with varying percentages of animal products and vegetable content. Owners need to understand what their canine companion needs to stay healthy while still keeping them happy.

Always avoid feeding your dog raw meat as it can cause digestive problems. If you want to buy dog food, then shop around and read the ingredients list before purchasing.

What Causes Bad Breath in Cats and What Can We Do About It?

Bad breath in cats is a common problem that can be caused by many different things such as:

  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Organ dysfunction.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Stomatitis – Inflammation of the mouth.
  • Mouth cancer.
  • Tooth resorption.
  • Food stuck in their teeth.
  • Allergies.
  • Digestive problems.

There are some ways to help your cat get rid of bad breath. If your cat has dental disease or a mouth infection, they will have worse breath than usual and may need medical treatment by a vet. 

If not, you must brush your cat’s teeth at least once per week with pet toothpaste designed specifically for cats.

What Are Dog DNA Tests?

Dog DNA tests are a way for you to find out more about your dog’s lineage and ancestry. The testing process is simple, but the results can be surprising. For example, some dogs’ ancestors might have been wolves!

This information will help you better understand your pet–not just in terms of what it looks like right now, but also where its family came from long ago. In addition, you’ll learn all kinds of interesting facts that will make it easier for you to care for them properly. 

Can You Use Claritin for Dogs?

Yes, it’s possible, but only if you take precautions and with your veterinarian’s help. As with humans, there are many different types of allergies in dogs, and using the wrong medication can harm your pet’s health. 

It can, however, be used on an as-needed basis when your dog has allergies or asthma symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and labored breathing. Be sure you read the dosage instructions carefully before administering any medication to your canine friend!

There might also be other ways you can help them feel better without drugs, like adding extra bedding in winter or getting rid of carpeting if it makes them itch ( always keep in mind carpets can harbor dust mites).

How to Help a Cat With Constipation?

Symptoms of constipation in cats include straining to pass feces, dry and hard stool that is passed with difficulty or not at all. 

Other symptoms include:

  • Vomiting.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Depression.
  • Lethargy.
constipation sign

If you think your cat might be suffering from this condition, try giving them some canned pumpkin mixed with their food. Other ways to treat it include using an enema kit or following up one day after feeding by administering 3 tablespoons of mineral oil to the affected area twice daily for 2 weeks.

What Are the Signs of Kidney Failure in Dogs?

Kidney failure in dogs is one of the most common causes of death. The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste products from the blood, so when they fail, these toxins build up in the dog’s body and cause problems.

Symptoms of kidney failure include:

  • Coughing.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Vomiting.
  • Weight loss.
  • Increased thirst and increased urination.

If you notice your dog having any of these symptoms, it is essential to take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Some of these symptoms could also indicate other conditions, so having your pet checked by a professional is vital.

Conjunctivitis in Dogs – Can Dogs Get Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye in dogs, is a serious and contagious illness that can impact the eyes. The most common cause is an infection with the canine herpesvirus (CHV). Though bacteria, parasites, and other viruses could also cause it.

Some symptoms to look for include:

  • Discharge from one or both eyes.
  • Redness around the eyelids.
  • Thickening of the cornea leading to increased sensitivity to light.
  • Swelling at the base of hair follicles near your pet’s nose.

If you notice any of these signs in your dog, contact your veterinarian immediately so they can diagnose and treat the problem before it becomes life-threatening.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop and How to Deal With Coprophagia

Dogs often eat their poop and sometimes that of other animals. The reasons for this include a lack of dietary fiber, parasites in the food, or just being curious about what they’ve eaten. 

Coprophagia can be prevented by adding more fiber to your dog’s diet and changing its environment, so they have less access to feces from other dogs. In addition, you should keep them on a leash when outside, so they don’t have an opportunity to consume something potentially toxic off the ground. 

Which Dog Breed Are You? Take quiz!

It’s time to take a quiz! Find out what kind of dog you are based on your personality traits. Is it the Border Collie, Saint Bernard, or Golden Retriever? Take our quick today to find out which breed best suits you. 

Whether you’re looking for an active family pet that will keep up with all your adventures or just want a furry friend who is happy being lazy in the house, we have the perfect match for you here.

Probiotics for Dogs: How to Choose the Right Probiotics?

Probiotics for Dogs is a hot topic. With so many different options and brands of probiotic supplements available, it can be hard to know which one is the best fit for your dog.

The following are some things you should consider before making a purchase decision on any new supplement: 

  • What kind of bacteria does my pet need? 
  • Is this product explicitly formulated with dogs in mind, or will I have to adjust doses based on size? 
  • How much am I willing to spend per day (or month)? 

These questions will help guide you as you explore the world of canine probiotics!

probiotics sign

Pet Owner Compliance – How to Improve It?

Pet owners often struggle to be compliant with their pet’s veterinary care. This is not new information, but we can help you improve your patient owner compliance. You can enhance the compliance of your patient’s owners by:

  • Expressing empathy.
  • Giving free vet advice once in a while.
  • Providing pet owners with discharge instructions before their pet departs from the hospital.
  • Teaching by demonstration. 
  • Allowing the pet owner to have a voice in treatment options.
  • Aid in pet owner understanding by breaking down medical terms and talking slowly to them. 

Coccidia in Dogs: What Is Coccidiosis and How It Is Treated?

Coccidiosis is a parasitic infection that can affect both dogs and humans. It’s caused by the coccidia parasite, which is found in stool or vomit of infected animals. There are two forms of this illness: intestinal and extraintestinal (non-intestinal). 

Symptoms are: 

  • Diarrhea with or without blood.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Vomiting.
  • Dehydration.

If your dog has been diagnosed with coccidiosis, know what you’re dealing with, so you can take appropriate precautions for yourself and other members of your family who may be at risk for exposure to this disease.

Best Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

This blog post is for dog lovers who want to bake a birthday cake with their pup in mind. 

It’s essential to double-check that all of the components are dog-friendly. For example, although peanut butter is a frequent component in dog treats, certain brands use xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Some dogs have difficulties digesting foods made with all-purpose flour, so whole wheat and brown rice flours are recommended alternatives.

We’ve compiled a list of the best dog birthday cake recipes for your furry friend. If you’re looking to make something extra special, these yummy treats will surely hit the spot! 

Can You Give a Cat Benadryl?

Cats are just like humans in that they can get allergic reactions. If your cat is having an allergy attack, you may be able to help them using Benadryl tablets or other medication prescribed by a vet.

However, it’s important not to give too much of the medicine as this could kill your pet if their heart cannot keep up with the increased dosage rate.

Best Dog Treadmills – What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Whether you are a professional dog trainer or just have one as a pet, it is essential to understand that many different types of treadmills are suitable for dogs. This is an investment that will help you save time, energy and provide a healthy outlet for your pet’s exercise needs.

A list of things to consider when purchasing a dog treadmill include: 

  • Design.
  • Motor resistance.
  • The maximum weight the treadmill can handle. 
  • Speeds.
  • Incline options and running platform. 
  • Warranty.

Why Is My Cat Sneezing?

Cats sneeze for several reasons. 

Some common causes are:

  • Allergies.
  • Asthma.
  • Upper respiratory infections. 

If you notice other symptoms in addition to nasal discharge or sneezing, such as; 

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Lethargy.
  • Swollen face/jaws or neck region. 
  • Fever is higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius). 
  • Drooling more than usual.

Consult a veterinarian immediately.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Your Question Answered

Dogs can eat tomatoes, but you should feed them in moderation. Tomatoes are rich in potassium and vitamin C, which are suitable for dogs now and then. The main thing you need to watch out for when feeding your dog tomatoes is the sugar content of the fruit. 

If it’s too high, there may be an adverse effect on their blood sugar levels, so feed sparingly and monitor how much they eat each time until you get a feel for what’s best (and most enjoyable) for them.

Albino Cat Vs. White Cat – Knowing The Difference

Albino cats and white cats are both sensitive to sunlight and can get skin conditions. However, Albino cats lack melanin, which means their skin burns more efficiently and can become itchy and flaky.

Differentiating between an albino cat and a white cat can sometimes be tricky as both have the same color fur.

Albino cat

  • Has red or pink eyes. 
  • Reddish nose and inner ears.
  • Skin that is albino pink under the fur. 

White Cat 

  • Has bluish-green eyes. 
  • The nose and inner ears are pinkish, not red.
  • Skin is white or pink, depending on how much sun exposure it has had. 
  • The fur is white, and there is no evident difference between the skin and fur.

Eeeuw! My Cat Has Dandruff

If you find your furry friend has dandruff, it may be time to take a closer look at their diet. Cats require specific nutrients for the natural oils of their skin and fur to work correctly. 

Dietary deficiencies may be causing this problem with your cat’s fur. Consider making some changes to what they eat if you’re worried about them not getting enough zinc or omega-3 fatty acids in particular. 

You’ll know soon enough whether these adjustments have impacted when you next notice how healthy-looking their coat is!

Other possible reasons for cat dandruff are:

  • Lifestyle.
  • Ringworm.

Talk Doggy to me- Why do Dogs Howl?

The short answer is that dogs howl because they want to! They enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of vocalizing. It’s a way for them to exercise their lungs, express themselves, and communicate with others around them. 

Dogs howl for a variety of reasons. Some dogs may be lonely, scared, or even bored and want some attention from their owner in response to pain, fear, anxiety, or excitement.

Learning How to Give a Cat a Pill

Cats are notoriously difficult to give pills to as they often resist and can bite and scratch at you in response. Here’s how to do it (without getting hurt most of the time!)

  1. Make sure you have a good grip on your cat’s scruff, and its head is laying almost flat against your chest. This will give you reasonable control over its body, especially when it comes to administering the pill.
  1. Take the pill and hold it at a 45-degree angle towards the cat’s nose. They should naturally sniff the medication due to their curiosity. Next, open their mouth wide enough for you to drop it in.
  1. Stroke their neck gently until they swallow the pill, but others may struggle, and you’ll need to hold their mouth closed for a few seconds.
  1. Give your cat a treat afterward to help them forget the trauma of the pill. That way, they associate taking medicine with getting a tasty treat. 

What to Do If Your Dog Needs a Wheelchair

Wheelchairs for dogs are designed to allow paraplegic and other disabled pups to gain the use of their limbs again. The first step is to take your pup to the vet for an assessment. The vet will determine whether it is safe for them to use a wheelchair (and, if so, which size they need). You can then either get one custom-made or buy a pre-made wheelchair. 

Some of the most important things to consider include: 

  • The type and severity of your dog’s disability. 
  • Your dog’s quality of life.
  • Your financial situation. 
  • Where your dog will use the wheelchair (indoors or outdoors).  
  • Whether or not your dog could get along without one. 

16 Things Cats Can’t Eat

Cats are known for their love of food. However, there are many foods that your cat should avoid eating because they can be harmful to their health.

Some of the foods to avoid are:

  • Avocados.
  • Anything raw.
  • Grapes and Raisins.
  • Bones.
  • Fat trimmings.
  • Chocolate.
  • Dog foods.
  • Salty foods.

Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

Dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate because it is very toxic for them. Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine that can be fatal if ingested by dogs in large quantities. 

The problem with this is that chocolate often has small amounts of cocoa powder, so even licking off their paws after walking on some sidewalk may lead to an accidental overdose. 

It’s best just to keep your dog away from all types of candy or chocolate, whether they’re eating it or not!

How is Osteomyelitis in Dogs Treated?

Osteomyelitis is a bacterial infection in the bone. It’s often caused by an animal bite or puncture wound but can also be caused by surgery on infected tissue near the bone.

Symptoms include fever and pain around the site of infection and swelling, redness, warmth, and drainage from the area. 

The bacteria that cause osteomyelitis reproduces inside damaged bones, which leads to more damage to healthy cells there. If left untreated for too long, it may lead to chronic infections, which will then cause permanent damage to your dog’s bone marrow if not treated soon enough with antibiotics. 

What Are The 7 Best Dog Life Jackets

The life jacket market is booming with innovations and styles for dogs. However, it can be challenging to decide which one will best suit your needs (or your pup’s) with so many options. 

To help you out, we put together this list of the top seven dog life jackets on the market today. From brands like outward Hound Dog Life Jacket and Paws Aboard, these are some of our favorites that offer excellent safety features as well as comfortability for both you and your furry friend. 

dog in life jacket on boat

How to Take Care of a Senior Dog

These steps will help you to take care of a senior dog:

  • Brush their teeth regularly if they have any problems with tartar buildup.
  • Keep them on a schedule of feeding and walking.
  • Take them to the vet regularly for checkups and necessary vaccinations.
  • Keep their mind active by playing games with them or teaching new tricks.
  • Finally, don’t give up on your senior dog too quickly if they start having trouble with their health or need to use a wheelchair.

If you have to, make the difficult decision of when it is time to put them down and make sure to let them know how much you love them for all of their years together.

For more information on how to take care of a senior dog, check out our blog.

Can Birds Eat…10 Foods That Are Poisonous To Birds

This is one of the many pet questions asked by pet owners who keep birds as pets. Birds are scavengers and will eat anything. They also have a keen sense of smell, making it difficult to tell what is poisonous even if they don’t want it. 

The following foods are poisonous to birds:

  • Salt.
  • Chocolate.
  • Onions. 
  • Garlic.
  • Sugary foods like candy and baked goods.
  • Moldy food (including many vegetables and fruits).
  • Caffeine. 
  • Raw eggs (cooked eggs are okay).
  • Avocados can cause respiratory difficulties, like bronchitis and pneumonia.

Help my Cat is Getting Hairballs – What Should I Do Now?

The most important thing to remember when it comes to hairballs is prevention. There are many different ways you can keep your cat from getting them in the first place, but if they do happen, there are steps that you should take immediately after noticing one.

If your kitty does get a hairball and starts vomiting or becomes lethargic, contact an animal hospital for help right away!

How to Get Rid of Roundworms in Dogs? (Latest Information)

Roundworms are a common parasite that can be found in many different animals, including dogs. 

The symptoms of roundworms can be easily missed, so it’s essential to have a regular worm check at your vet clinic. Symptoms of roundworms in dogs include:

  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea. 
  • Poor appetite and weight loss. 

Frequent, regular deworming of your dog will also help reduce the number of ringworm eggs picked up by you may make itUnderstandingr pup, which is another way they can be spread.


The best way to keep your pet happy and healthy is to ask pet questions about health. Keep reading our articles on pet questions and answers to get the answers to your animal questions.

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