How many times have you been in a situation when you need a quick info and revise stuff that seems to have faded away? As vast as the learning material when studying veterinary medicine gets, it’s always a good idea to have couple of guidance veterinary books stored in your private practice and use it from time to time.
Of course, I shouldn’t even mention the necessity for quality books for students. Therefore we made a list of the best study material relevant to the field of veterinary medicine. The veterinary books and study material are up-to-date and available on the market, so let’s check them out! If you are a vet tech, you might find the list of Vet Tech Books helpful.

Merck’s Veterinary Manual 11th edition

The 11th edition of probably one of the most famous veterinary books in the world was released in the middle of 2016. After many satisfied customers over the years the publisher keeps on updating the content of the manual. No veterinary book review can pass without The Merck’s Veterinary Manual.

It’s a great supporting handbook for every veterinarian that works both with companion and farm animals. The MVM manual covers all diseases of every domestic species all over the world. The book has a two column format, colorful imaging, and many comparative tables. The newest edition offers a better glimpse at aquaculture topic, zoonoses, and public health, backyard poultry etc.

Most complaints about the 11th edition of MVM are regarding the fragile and thin pages. The pages are so thin and transparent that you can almost see through them. Maybe that’s because the manual carries over 3000 pages of information, but the breakable aspect is a thing that keeps bothering the buyers.

Great amount of useful and concise informationFragile pages
Companion and farm animals includedLow print quality
Useful and quality imagesIncredibly sensitive to wet surfaces
Useful for experienced and inexperienced practitionersDifficult to search through

Buyer’s information

The book has 3325 English written pages. The dimensions of MVM are 5.4×2.7×8.5 inches and it weighs 3.6 pounds. It’s available both in printed and digital format. Hardcover version can be bought on Amazon.
The Merck’s Veterinary Manual has a stable fan base and tradition with constant updates following the professional trends in veterinary medicine. It’s always a good idea to have it stored in your clinic’s library for quick revision of things you might have now button

Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy, 4e 4th Edition

The textbook covers the main and basic aspects of veterinary anatomy for specific animal species such as cows, pigs, sheep, horses, goats, birds and of course, dogs and cats. For the first time, the publisher provided a full-color version with images of anatomic concepts and dissection procedures.
While the essential character of the textbook is mostly used by veterinary students, it’s also useful for repeating the basics for anyone working in the field.

Since the book covers basic anatomy aspects of more than one species, it won’t come in handy for professionals that want to specialize in a single one. The part about the muscular-skeletal system lack few components (ex. Muscle origins). The digital e-book is badly formatted with some diagrams missing and some not aligned properly.

Quality and colorful imagesBad digital version
Coverage of more speciesNot enough species-specific information
Useful for vet studentsLack of detailed coverage of muscles and bones
Good for essential anatomy revision

Buyer’s information

The Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy published in 2009 has 864 full-color pages. It weighs 5.2 pounds and the dimensions are 1.5x9x11.2 inches. It’s available in hardcover printed version and digital e-book.
At some vet schools the textbook is mandatory for classes so we can easily say that it is primarily intended for vets-to-be, but equally useful for anyone lacking basic information about mammal now button

Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, 4e 4th Edition

The 4th edition of SCVD offers more than 60.000 entries and sub-entries and represents one of the most comprehensive dictionaries in the field of veterinary books. This time the publisher provided pronunciation of the key terms and over 1000 full-color illustrations.
It can be used by every veterinary team in needs of a quick glance at up-to-date practice entries, as well as by veterinary students.

Our thoughts on how this book could have been a lot better are regarding the soft back cover. Such a large book must be made with a hard back cover for easier manipulations. Another bad aspect is the searching option in the digital format of the book. When searching for a word the program takes you to every instance where the word is mentioned, and not where the exact definition for it is written.

Detailed and precise coverage of every veterinary termMessy digital searching option
Useful for students, technicians, and veterinariansSoft back-cover
Easy and fast access to important information
Over 1.000 Full-cover illustrations

Buyer’s information

The Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary was released in 2012 by Saunders Ltd. It has 1344 pages, 6.6 pounds, and 2×8.8×11 inches in product dimensions.
You can purchase a second-hand version and a new one. The publisher also offers free e-version for anyone now button

Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards, 2e 2nd Edition

This is not your every-day study material but sure comes useful when mastering veterinary anatomy and comparing different species. Primarily the flash cards are intended for veterinary students.
The deck has 400 cards and 490 full-color illustrations. The front side has the picture and numbers on different anatomical parts and on the back side, the exact terms are numerically aligned. Besides ruminants, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, and birds, the second edition has a little surprise keeping you up with exotic animals’ anatomy.

Since this isn’t a book it’s harder to get into the card game if you do not have any pre-knowledge of veterinary anatomy. Even though the cards may come useful, advanced professionals prefer detailed veterinary books for vet anatomy.

Perfect for vet studentsRequires previous anatomy knowledge
Quick referenceRestricted information
Many animal species included with a great opportunity for comparison
Portable and easy to manipulate

Buyer’s information

The cards’ dimensions are 4.5x5x7 inches, weighing 4 pounds you can have them today. The digital book is approximately the same price as the printed now button

Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook (Desk) 8th Edition

We recall people calling the Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook ‘the bible of veterinary drugs’ and a must have for any vet practice. Probably they are right because after 8 editions this still is the most frequently used drug handbook in the veterinary profession.
The 8th edition features 43 new drugs, fewer dosages for easier decision making and an update on existing monographs. Interesting additions are parts about potentially toxic compounds and dog multi-drug sensitivity.

We weren’t able to find any serious disadvantages of this book. Like some other vet e-books, there is an issue when searching for specific terms where the program gives you all mentioned in the book, not only the main part about it.

Up-to-date detailed informationSearch difficulties in the digital version
Pocket version for rapid searchingLack of brand-names
Dosages for a vast variety of species

Buyer’s information

The 1296 pages, 2015 printed Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook can be yours today if you are purchasing the 8.5×11 inch, 5.7 pounds version. The pocket version is 5×8 now button

NAVLE Flashcard Study system

NAVLE Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the North American Licensing Examination (Cards) 1 Flc CRDS Edition

The main use of the flashcards is to prepare future veterinarians in North America for the licensing examination. Generally, you keep your motivation on and get ready for the critical concepts through continued repetition of the questions and answers featured on the cards.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that a lack of knowledge can be substituted with a quick revision of the cards right before the licensing examination.

We encountered few situations where the answers don’t really rely on the questions and vise-verse. Also, the information seems to get too detailed at times and there is a lack of logic. Some people have complained that there is a big resemblance to the NAVLE study secrets edition and that some sections are copy-pasted.

Motivational aspectToo detailed at times
Easy to use for learning through revisionGeneric assembly

Buyer’s information

The product has 595 pages with dimensions of 1×8.8×11.2 inches. You can have the cards as second hand or digital now button

VTNE Flashcard Study System

VTNE Test Practice Questions & Answers for the Veterinary Technician National Exam (Cards) Cards

If you read the info about the previous product, you probably have an idea about this one also. Basically, they are the same type of study material,with this one being intended for soon to be veterinary technicians taking the national exam.

The answers in the cards, even though informative, are too long and detailed so instead, you can really use proper veterinary books for studying.

Good for quick revisionToo detailed
Portable and easy to use

Buyer’s information

The product contains 643 pages; the dimensions are 11×8.5×1 inches. The digital version is a bit more expensive.

We made sure to cover what we thought are the most useful and frequently used veterinary books and study materials. Hope you found this article helpful if you were unsure whether to get a copy of some of the veterinary books mentioned or not.
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