The best 10 graduation gifts for veterinary students

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Going to veterinary school is such an incredible journey, but it takes a lot of hard work and time because there is A LOT to learn and practice. 

There is nothing compared to the feeling of wearing a cap and gown after all those years and say: “I MADE IT THROUGH VET SCHOOL”. Then look at the audience and wave at the people that have been a great support during this experience. 

We know you must be feeling incredibly proud of your family member or friend who is graduating from veterinary medicine, and you want to get a perfect gift for their achievement. 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you! Here are the best ten graduation gifts for veterinary students. 


After their graduation, some veterinarians will start working full time in veterinary practices, which is a lot of hours standing without rest. 

I love veterinary medicine thought about the need for comfortable and high-quality sneakers with beautiful designs that veterinarians will love! 

Our online store has a vast range of shoes with different patterns that are the purrfect gift for new veterinarians. Check them out right MEOW!geometric pattern sneakers e1584552988426 I Love Veterinary - Blog for Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Students


Stethoscopes are a must-have for every veterinary staff. Veterinary stethoscopes are an excellent and useful present for a graduating vet because it is an everyday instrument.

It is essential to know the veterinarian’s needs in terms of brand preference, acoustic quality, and size to purchase the best stethoscope for them. 

Here are some of our favorite stethoscopes: 

Stethoscope tags

For new vets, it might be stressful at first to work full time in a vet clinic because they are getting to know their workplace, their co-workers, and clients. With all this in mind, they might not remember where they put their stethoscope, and someone else can take it by mistake.

You can help them avoid that by purchasing a personalized stethoscope tag from our online shop! They are the perfect gift combination with a stethoscope.stethoscope tags, graduation gifts for veterinary students by I Love Veterinary

Travel mugs

Travel mugs are the ideal gift for graduating large animal vets who love coffee! They are always on the road to get to the next farm.

Our travel mugs are unlike any you have seen before. They have many funny or inspirational quotes just for veterinarians.

“Good veterinarians talk to animals. Great veterinarians hear them talk back”  is one of our favorite designs for new vets!veterinary student graduation gifts travel mugs, I Love Veterinary


Tumbles are another great alternative to travel mugs, and they are actually one of our best selling products, so we know that everyone loves them!

You can’t go wrong with a tumbler for a graduating veterinarian. They may need a lot of tea, coffee, and refreshing beverages to keep them going through the day. tumblers, graduation gifts for veterinary students by I Love Veterinary


Veterinary inspired mugs for tea time are another wonderful idea for new veterinarians who are tea or coffee lovers! 

They can bring their mug to their veterinary clinic for breaks or just start a mug collection at home. 

One of our preferred designs for graduating vets is “Every patient leaves a footprint on my heart”coffee mugs as graduation gifts for veterinary students by I love veterinary

Bandage scissors engraved

Bandage scissors are another tool that veterinarians use daily, but they can be easily misplaced. Our bandage scissors engraved are a perfect gift for new veterinarians who are starting their first job! 

Just give us their name, and we will have high-quality scissors with their name engraved in no time! bandage scissors engraved, gifts for veterinary student graduation I love Veterinary

ZIP hoodies

Most new vets will be in their uniform almost every day, and after work, they may want to wear something cozy, but that at the same time represents their passion. 

ZIP hoodies are the most comfortable piece of clothing anyone can ever have in their closet (apart from PJs!). For those cold days or relaxing times, a ZIP hoodie is a perfect option!

You can find a vast range of veterinary ZIP hoodies with different designs and colors in our online shop!zip hoodies as graduation gifts for veterinary students by I Love Veterinary


When someone graduates, they want to shout it out from the rooftops! 

Graduating from vet school is definitely something to be proud of, and a t-shirt with a quote that shows their love for the profession would make a fantastic gift!

Our online shop has a great variety of designs and colors just for veterinarians! Check them out here.t-shirts as graduation gifts for veterinary students by I Love Veterinary

Customized Products

In our online store, we have a section full of products that you can customize. From canvas and necklaces to wristwatches and blankets, we have them all!

A beautiful graduation gift idea for veterinary students is to customize one of our products with a photo of their beloved pet.custom graduation gifts for veterinary students I Love Veterinary

Special occasions for new veterinarians

Now that your friend or family member is a vet, it is important to remember those special holidays to acknowledge veterinarians for their fantastic work with animals! Here is a list of veterinary holidays:

  • World Spay Day (every last Tuesday of February)
  • World Veterinary Day (every last Saturday of April)
  • Pet Wellness Month (every October)
  • World Animal Day (every October 4th)
  • International Day of Veterinary Medicine (every December 9th)


We believe that a congratulations card with meaningful words for the new veterinarian will mean a lot to them. They have worked so hard to get to where they are now. Their love for animals and their willingness to make the world a better place really shines through. 

We hope we helped you made their graduation even more special with our gifts ideas! 

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