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We decided to make another list of products, this time going through items that are essential for every veterinary practice in terms of veterinary equipment.

The article has a description of surgical instruments kit, instruments kit for dental procedures, microscope, animal clippers, otoscope and a stethoscope.   

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Let’s get started and see what the market has to offer in terms of much needed veterinary equipment

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Essential Veterinary Equipment

PREMIUM GERMAN SET OF 33 Veterinary Dental Extraction Instruments Kit Forceps – A+ Quality

Veterinary dentistry and dental procedures are being more and more practiced in veterinary clinics all around the world.

The set has pretty much everything that you need for extracting those rotten and painful teeth stuck in there for a while. What you get is round scalpel handle with ten blades, periosteal elevator, dental extracting forceps, curved blade scissors, Olsen-hegar needle holder, 6 luxating elevators and few more necessary items.

Every item has only one representative of the instruments group (except for the luxating elevators) so some buyers may find that these aren’t fit for their hands and can be left empty-handed.

All in one dental procedure setChance for an unfit instrument
Quality material

Buyer’s information

The veterinary dental set of 23 dental extraction instruments is sold by Avon Surgical.

NEW LED Veterinary Operating Otoscope Kit

The otoscope kit is not only suitable for diagnostic procedures in your everyday practice, but also for retrieval of foreign bodies and foxtails as a result of the open slot on the head of the instrument.

The otoscope is battery charged and has glass magnifying lenses resistant to scratching. The ear speculas are made out of polypropylene; they can be autoclaved and come in three different sizes (4, 5 and 7 mm).  

Generally, the problem with this kit is that the attachments are sometimes difficult to be placed on the otoscope. So if you are in a hurry your might get stuck a while more to set everything in place. Also, we don’t have any claims against the quality of the instrument, but with such large amount of suppliers, $100 is a bit pricey for this product.

Bright and quality ledThe attachments are difficult to fixate
Useful for extracting foreign bodiesHigh price

Buyer’s information

The product designed by RA Bock Diagnostics, packed in a snap-shut carrying case can be yours today. It weighs 1.2 pounds and has a free shipping policy.

Oster Lithium Ion Volt Cordless Clipper with Detachable #10 Blade

Widely used by professional and home animal groomers the Oster Volt Clipper is ideal both for companion animals and livestock, taking care of that matted and tough fur.

Charged with lithium ion battery the machine can continuously work for 2 hours. The blade is detachable and you can add any other blade from the Oster A5 series. Most important are blades #40 and #50 used for pre-surgical purposes.

Probably the biggest issue with the Oster Volt Clippers is that they are a bit noisy and this can be a bit of a hustle for groomers working with fearful animals.

Cordless and easy to manipulate withLouder than other clippers
Perfect for thick coats and different animal species   Troubles with the chargers

Buyer’s information

The product weighs 2.6 pounds with dimensions of 3.8×7.5×11 inches. 

You get the clippers with a #10 blade and a charger, but it’s always good to purchase a whole set of blades for different body parts and procedures.

AmScope B120C-E1 Siedentopf Binocular Compound Microscope

AmScope B120C Sidentopf microscope has many features of great use for every professional vet, student or technician when diagnosing or making research.

Equipped with fine focusing mechanism and strong LED illumination, 5 magnification options (40x, 100x, 250x, 400x, 1000x, 2500x) and 1.3 MP digital camera the microscope can be connected to a computer for enlarged imaging during your biological research.

The actual quality of the microscope should have been supported with a digital camera higher in quality. This way the actual images aren’t nearly as clear as the actual when transferred to a computer. Also, because of unknown reasons, the company doesn’t include a manual for the microscope and you can get one only by e-mailing them directly.

Fair priceLow-quality camera
Useful for veterinary studentsNo manual included
Stable and smooth for manipulationBlurry imaging at 2500x
Computer software included

Buyer’s information

The product weight almost 10 pounds and you can purchase it on  Amazon. With the purchase in from here, you get a five-year guarantee for the microscope.

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28 inch, 2450

Every doctor should have a white coat and a good looking stethoscope hanging around his neck. But except for fashion purposes, good stethoscopes in the right hands can tell much about patient’s health status.

The 3M Litmann has good acoustic performances, anatomically designed headset and a tunable diaphragm that’s for capturing low-frequency and high-frequency sounds.

Here two subjective things that can be stated as negative aspects of the products. Apparently, it seems that the sounds the stethoscope provides aren’t as loud as the classic Litmann models. Second, the lightweight structure makes it more vulnerable and breakable if not handled properly. However, in both cases it’s all up to the experience and manipulation technique of the person using it.

Good for heart and lung auscultationProvides lighter sounds
Lightweight and easy to wear all day longBreakable if not handled properly
Comes with a studying  app
Cheaper than other models

Buyer’s information

With an amazing 7.5 ounces, the lightweight Litmann can be found on  Amazon. With the stethoscope, you get a serial number you can use for the online app for your personal diagnostic skills development. In addition, the app features real lung and heart auscultation sounds for recognizing various conditions, a progress tracker, and a testing section.


All in one set for veterinary students or experienced veterinarians. The set has everything you need for surgical and diagnostics veterinary procedures.

Most instruments come in different sizes and types so anyone working in a private practice will find them useful.  

Every professional has a certain type of instrument with preferred size and that he uses. So, buying a whole set probably won’t be necessary if you already have an idea on exactly what you need.

Great for beginners and vet studentsMany pieces you probably won’t use
Different shapes and sizes
Organized packaging

Buyer’s information

Avon Surgical sells the product on  Amazon. The product weighs approximately 1 pound.

And there you have it. We tried putting the basic essentials of the most common used veterinary equipment. We tried showing items which aren’t that expensive to purchase, yet useful for every veterinary organization.

You can read more about veterinary tools in MOST USED INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT IN VETERINARY MEDICINE post on our blog.

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