National Pet Month–April–May 2022

When is National Pet Month?

National Pet Month celebrates the benefits companion animals bring to people and the other way around. National Pet Month is observed annually, during the month of April in the United Kingdom and in May in the United States.

national pet month

It represents a registered charity that aims to bring together all charities working for animal welfare, pet-related business, youth movements, and pet lovers. This year National Pet Month will be celebrated for the 32nd time. 

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All About National Pet Month This Year

It’s expected for this year’s celebration to be better than ever as thousands of pet lovers are eager to express their gratitude for the benefits of owning a pet. It’s really easy to participate and become proactive by finding various events on social networks and on the NPM website.

The event becomes bigger and bigger each year because of the many dedicated individuals taking their time to carefully organize events for pet lovers. There’s always something new and creative. You can expect a lot of village pet shows, children and pets activities, group dog walks, or even open days at vet practices during this month.

You can even be one organizing an eventful charity filled with barks and smiles.

black potbelly pig
@scout_the_minipig. Photo courtesy of Sharmaine Lombard – South Africa

The Purpose of National Pet Month

National Pet Month missions include:

  • Promoting responsible companion animal ownership
  • Raise awareness about the mutual benefits of pets and their owners
  • Increase awareness about the importance of pet care specialists
  • Teach about the values necessity of assistance and working companion animals

Event Ideas for National Pet Month

baby bearded dragon sitting on its owners shirt

Organize a sponsored dog walk and donate the money to your favorite charity. Dog walks are a fantastic idea to bring together dog lovers where they will share their opinions and experiences with their furry friends. Be sure to check with the legal authorities and inform them about your plan!

Children are way more open to positive ideas and need proper educating in order to become reasonable adults. Educational events at local schools are a fantastic way to celebrate National Pet Month. The topics can be various – pet health, pet behavior, the difference between dog and cat breeds, you name it! You can ask some vets, pet rescues, or training specialists to visit and answer some questions about the event.

For a more intimate event at home with the family, you can watch pet-related movies, read books or just spend some time with your much-loved friend, furry or creepy-crawly!

ragdoll kitten

What about holding a bake sale in aid of some charities? Spice up the event by baking themed cup-cakes and other baked products. Add some refreshments, plates, napkins and you are all set. Remember that people with allergies will be grateful if the ingredients inside the products are correctly labeled. You can even offer pet-friendly treats because most of the people will bring along their pets as well.

Quizzes and competitions are fun ways to raise funds while you are having a great time. Just make sure they are pet-themed because it’s National Pet Month after all. Pet shows and pet talent shows are another thing that comes to mind. This goes for dogs, cats, horses, birds, or a general pet show. The show doesn’t need to be so ‘official’ and can include funny challenges, for example “who has the waggiest tail of them all”?

The Best Idea To Celebrate National Pet Month

The best gift you can give yourself is to visit your local shelter and consider adopting a pet (or two). You will feel great, and will get a loyal companion for life!

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