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The History of National Pet Week

The National Pet Week was first created in 1981 by the people of AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and the Auxiliary to the AVMA. Since then, this furry week is always celebrated the first full week of the month of May.

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It is dedicated to the celebration of more than 200 million pets in America, the pets that are there to make our lives better each day. This week is also dedicated to promoting responsible care for our pets throughout the whole year.

This week dedicated to pets has a different theme each year, and this year the AVMA took it up a notch and announced daily themes. National Pet Week will take place between 7-13 May 2023, and the daily themes are as follows:

The Auxiliary announces a competition each year, creative and writing contests for the next year’s theme. If you like to check out the winners from previous years, click HERE.

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The Role of Pets

The role of pets in our lives is often overlooked, mainly because there are so many different types of animals. Although they may have their own special talents and roles, most people only think about dogs when considering a pet.

Their devotion to their owners is well known because they love being around them and are devoted to them. Pets are not only great companions, they also have a host of other important roles. They provide a sense of security and comfort to their human counterparts.

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On top of serving as emotional support, pets can also be an aid in fighting depression. Pets can help make their owners happy by boosting their spirits, which is especially good for people who suffer from depression.

Scientists have found that pet owners have a lower risk of developing depression than those who do not own pets. Research has shown that pet owners are 40% less likely to develop depression (Bastien, 2013). This is attributed to the fact that animals bring out the best in their owners.

Another reason for this could be the responsibility involved in taking care of an animal. Pets require a lot of attention and care, which can help give their human counterparts a sense of purpose and keep them from getting psychologically idle.

Dogs can also be trained to assist their owners in fighting depression. They are taught to detect the early symptoms of depression. This allows their owners to seek help before it is too late.

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Studies have shown that dogs can be trained to smell minute changes in human body odor that can predict serious conditions such as seizures, heart attack, and cancer (Plumb, 1997). Surely you would agree that being able to prevent such tragedy through a simple act of love is impressive.

Being around pets can make an individual happier and more relaxed.

Four Interesting Facts About Pets

Ancient Egyptians Mummified Pets
The practice of mummification was widespread in ancient Egypt and involved stuffing the body of the deceased with magical plants and herbs to help him or her gain eternal life. Researchers think that it was not uncommon for pets to be mummified since they could easily be considered a person who is in need of eternal life after death. However, mummification was not only done with humans. Animals were also mummified to help them gain eternal life.

mummified egyptian cats

Dogs Started the First Mass Dog Adoption in History
In 1872, a group of German dog lovers adopted 303 dogs from a shelter over a span of just 48 hours and gave them homes all across Germany. The event was called the first mass dog adoption and it inspired many other citizens to adopt dogs in the same manner around the world.

There are No Wolves in Britain
Wolves were once hunted to extinction in Britain after the Romans invaded. They made dogs illegal when they took over and enforced a law that threatened death for anyone who owned a dog. However, the policy only made things worse for wolves since it forced them into hiding, making the situation much worse. By the time that wolves were able to make a comeback in Britain, there weren’t enough of them left to set up a breeding population.

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Dogs Can Smell Cancer
It was once thought that dogs could smell cancer because of the type of odors they produce. Doctors actually tested a dog’s sense of smell by having him smell different tissues and fluids, including one with cancer cells. The dog did not show any signs of aggression toward the samples but instead showed an interest in the cancerous sample. The dog sniffed that one first and then went back to sniffing everything else.

Happy National Pet Week!

Did you know that May is National Pet Month? National Pet Week is a time to celebrate our furry friends and the unconditional love they bring into our lives. Join us as we honor pets for their dedication and support! Read all about it and get awesome ideas on how to celebrate it!

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